Is kitchen cabinet refacing for you? If you are happy with the basic layout of your kitchen, then refacing or resurfacing just might be what you’re looking for in stead of a full kitchen remodel. Refacing kitchen cabinets is a very efficient, cost effective way to renovate your kitchen. By not replacing all of your kitchen cabinets, you can save money for your kitchen renovation. If it isn't broken, why replace it? Renovating your kitchen by refacing your cabinets allows you to "Face Lift" your kitchen at about a third of the replacement cost. Kitchen Cabinets can be added on, moldings replaced and even extend your cabinets to the ceiling to give your kitchen a full, majestic look! So what exactly is cabinet refacing? When you have your kitchen cabinets refaced, all exposed faces and edges are resurfaced. Laminate is used to cover the old cabinets and new doors are added, as well as moldings, valances and counters. So you get the look and feel of a new kitchen, without the costs, headaches and stress that most major renovations incur. The typical kitchen takes about 3-4 days to reface. Ottawa Refacing can also refinish your exsisting wood doors. We reface kitchen cabinets in Ottawa and the surrounding area.